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Welcome to Ingo Waechter Images!

This is how you proceed, one click is enough ...
1st step: Select menu item / field "Bilder" (directly above this field)
2nd step: then select events / year
3rd step: select the desired event
4th step: select the required test
5th step: Scroll through the pictures (is always sorted according to the start order)
6th step:  The picture for a closer look, enlarge it, click on the picture (then navigate further with the arrows on the edge, right / left, arrow up: back to the gallery)
7th step: desired image "Add to lightbox", add other desired images (a lightbox is practically like a "shopping cart")
8th step: Select menu item / field "Lightbox" (top left)
9th step: "Send request", then fill in the fields, make sure to state the invoice address in the "Message " field (otherwise no processing)
10th step: press "Send" below the form
Then the message "Thank you" appears on the left side... - then I have received your request and I will be in touch shortly by email.

In international competitions, the pictures have internal data with the names of the riders and horses and can be found quickly using the "image search" button (top right).
Other functions are not in operation / are not being used.

The pictures are available electronically and ONLY against prepayment. After receiving the order, you will receive an invoice with all data, after which the pictures will be processed.

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