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Prices valid since 01.01.2024

Prices for private use only (including private social media and private web site)
1 image file 16,- €
from 3 pictures  12,- € per image file

Picture package, private: 10 -15 pictures 105, - €


Commercial/newspaper use with right of use for ONE publication (higher resolution), photographer must always be mentioned:

1 image file 28, - €

from 2 pictures 25, - € per image file

Commercial uses are e.g. Homepages of breeders, sellers, companies and professional riders.


Archive research on request (e.g. of images 2014 - 2017)one-time flat rate: 10 - 40€
- only due when ordering an image
- in addition to the pictures
- if the pictures are not yet posted in the online gallery

- price per picture from archive 16€ (private useage)
If no "separate image package" was offered for a special event, the above price list applies. Pictures are delivered exclusively as electronic file (jpg) via email or by download! The transfer to third parties is prohibited!

Further prices on request: e.g. Sales photos, editorial use or any use / multimedia without limitation / not exclusively.

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